AIQ Official Whitepaper

Updated on November 30th, 2018

As we are currently in the "pre-sale" phase, we are updating this edition of AIQ's whitepaper regularly inline with our frequent developments. We provide regular updates on AIQ's live timeline, our official blog and social media channels.

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Whitepaper – Short Version

The Mindzilla Token ($AIQ) Official Whitepaper

Mindzilla is Beginning a Democratized Knowledge Revolution

Imagine an intelligent, self-sustaining and independent knowledge network that rewards knowledge, innovation and facts – based not on where they come from, but the value they bring.

June 25th 2018
ICO Start
TBC post Presale
Cap Target
For the full scope of the project: $197,470,000 (USD)
Whitepaper – Short Version

Key Elements


An A.I. powered open knowledge network.


The new currency of knowledge that creates much stronger linkage with the real world than any other cryptocurrency.


An autonomous A.I. system for solving the world’s most challenging big data problems.

Whitepaper – Short Version

Executive Summary

Imagine buying currency not on the basis of what’s in your wallet but what’s in your head. The Artificial Intelligence Quotient (AIQ – pronounced “I.Q.”) — the new currency of knowledge — is not based on the principle of currency for the sake of currency. It exists to connect and advance the world’s ideas and innovations.

AIQ is the core token of Mindzilla® (, an intelligent, self-sustaining and independent knowledge network — powered by Nebuli® cognitive artificial intelligence (AI) platform ( This new self-sustaining and self-validating information framework gathers, reads and conceptualises the world’s knowledge, built originally by biomedical scientists around the model of the human brain and the process in which it stores information.

The key skill of Mindzilla’s engine is understanding the relationship of information (regardless of their perceived differences) and spotting where novel and authentic concepts exist. And that is precisely how AIQ gets earned, by simply contributing knowledge, that has been authenticated – i.e. blocking fake content.

Whitepaper – Short Version


It was Francis Bacon who said knowledge is power. Throughout history, advancement of civilizations always relied on the ability to access, learn from and improve upon knowledge and ideas. We are now firmly in a new age of information and our future progress and development is reliant on empowering more people than ever before with the ability to access and utilize knowledge.

Bacon’s statement has never been more precise. This is exactly why Mindzilla exists. To facilitate the collective intelligence of the many, bypassing the gatekeepers who are dominant in securing most of the public and private funds. Mindzilla is designed to be fully inclusive for people with brilliant ideas and knowledge who were previously isolated from today’s funding ecosystem, publicity and support.

Mindzilla is an intelligent, self-sustaining and independent knowledge network, powered by our proprietary cognitive artificial intelligence (AI) platform and Blockchain technology. This new AI/Blockchain combo engine gathers, reads and conceptualizes the world’s knowledge, modelling the human brain’s own process of storing information.

The key skill of Mindzilla’s engine is understanding the relationship between information (i.e. establishing interdisciplinary references and “blue sky connections” between seemingly different sectors) and spotting where novel concepts exist. To put it simply, using Mindzilla is not just putting the world’s knowledge at your fingertips but is effortlessly delivering the information that really matters to you.

Whitepaper – Short Version

Mindzilla’s Network Overview

Whitepaper – Short Version

How Knowledge Sharing is Incentivised

Populating a vast knowledge network is not reliant on pure goodwill of contributors. That’s why Mindzilla has a token-based mechanism that has a monetary value attached. This is the spark to facilitate an open network where everyone can take part and get rewarded accordingly. From academic institutions to individuals with bold ideas, everyone gets a voice.

Contributed content may be in the form of research, news articles, blog posts, reviews, academic work, commentary, opinion, industry reports, and much more. The more value your knowledge contribution adds to the knowledge ecosystem, the greater your earnings become. Innovators to inventors throughout the world now have the opportunity to freely contribute knowledge, access resources and collaborate with Mindzilla’s community of renowned academics, experts and partners.

Whitepaper – Short Version


Mindzilla was developed by the team behind Scicasts, the original platform for discovering new insights in the biomedical fields. It became very apparent that dozens of ground-breaking developments published on academic portals and open journals every day are not being featured in the mainstream media. This means many people are simply not aware of such key innovations. Furthermore, the existing array of research papers and research data are not being tapped into sufficiently due to expensive paywalls, lack of awareness and/or poor online accessibility.

The diagram below demonstrates the global data map produced through their project research, highlighting key groups of specialist information sources and their accessibility, including research data, academic papers, journals and other knowledge portals:

Mindzilla is on a mission to eradicate such information barriers. Currently, existing Scicasts databases are combined with PubMed, a select group of university libraries and public libraries. But this is just the beginning as we are continuously connecting other databases and more university libraries to enhance our knowledge foundation across all academic, public, business and education sectors worldwide.

Whitepaper – Short Version

The Role of Our A.I. Architecture

The AI system powering Mindzilla is called Nebuli. Nebuli fully reads information and conceptualizes it in a way that mirrors the workings of the human brain. This revolutionizes the search for information, as Nebuli only finds and brings what is most relevant to you, even in the areas you might not think to look.

The Nebuli engine is also at the heart of the system that determines the value of a Mindzilla’s token. The scoring mechanism is based on its current database of indexed research papers and market reports, with a core function defining the quality of contributed knowledge and the impact this contribution makes to its wider network. Nebuli simply will not allow any speculative valuation.

The AI takes away the need for human judgement and bias and focuses its intelligence on spotting and connecting novel ideas that advance knowledge, understanding and innovation. It is a sustainable currency that will bring a positive impact to communities and societies globally. For example, based upon a submitted document’s relation to others in our current databases, a combined mechanism of AI and community-based feedback validates the concept included within the submitted document. This provides the basis on which the score is rewarded to the contributor and the members of the community benefit from new added knowledge.

Whitepaper – Short Version

Mindzilla’s A.I. Security – A Critical Element

Security is the most critical element of Mindzilla, which is based on Nebuli's secure DataStack™ model, as it involves individuals and organisations contributing and sharing their knowledge and proprietary ideas. Our core commitment is to minimise and eradicate the most common data breaches taking place around the world today.

For example, In a survey, 84% of employees are using personal emails to send sensitive files or data, 50% expose company files or data by uploading to Dropbox, 30% have lost a USB drive containing confidential data, and 50% of IT managers lack any visibility into file/data transfer within their organisations.

Furthermore, according to another report, 3 of the top 10 concerns that prevent businesses and organisations from moving their sensitive information to the cloud include: External users can access the database, SQL injection attacks; Data theft by authorised users.

For this reason, Mindzilla never stores the original copies of any contributed material uploaded to its system. Instead, the AI system builds compressed “memory blocks” of client databases using a novel data stack powered by the Nebulized Data Layer® from Nebuli (as shown in the illustration below).

With this model, Mindzilla, as well as Nebuli, never store copies of client’s data, wiping off any footprints of the client’s source, thus providing solid protection to client databases. Our aim here is to ensure that clients will never need to relocate or share original copies of their data ever again.

Additionally, the generated Memory Blocks (stored on the blockchain layer) are accessible on any device (including "none-smartphones"), thus allowing much wider data accessibility and interoperability across platforms and applications.

What we believe is critical to achieving our vision is to disrupt the current information market by democratising all data and information sources from around the world for millions of people and enterprises through a decentralised and self-validating AIaaS (AI as a Service) — built from millions of petabytes of Nebulized data. This model eliminates the need for “data-middlemen” and powers thousands of new sectors and new applications in any economy, allowing people to connect directly with original data and data owners. We believe this will end the current infestation of fake content throughout the web.

Whitepaper – Short Version

AIQ's Blockchain Framework Built on Ethereum

One of the key challenges of today’s cryptocurrency blockchain network is managing its distributed consensus, which ultimately defines the value of a given cryptocurrency. Ethereum blockchain technology integrated with AI powered by Nebuli and its knowledge database will be the backbone of the Mindzilla ecosystem. Ethereum blockchain technology provides us with a generalised framework for running our tokens more easily.

Ethereum will also be our core application for building a decentralised programmed structure of Mindzilla that runs based on rules recorded in smart contracts and is managed by a blockchain framework (discussed in further detail below).

Furthermore, As Ethereum’s language is Turing complete and developer friendly, it creates a wide opportunity for us to utilise the benefits of the blockchain technology not being just enforcing one particular ruleset, such as cryptocurrency transfer, but also programming a safe, open, autonomously governed, efficient, trustable and reliable ecosystem to build other rulesets on top. Because of its wide functionality we have chosen to use it during most stages of our project.

Whitepaper – Short Version

AIQ's Current ERC-20 Implementation Model

The ERC-20 standard defines a common list of rules for Ethereum-based tokens that allow developers to accurately predict interaction between tokens. These rules include how the tokens are transferred between addresses and how data within each token is accessed.

By design, the ERC-20 model is the most common token standard that is tradable on all exchanges, thus making it more accessible to everyone. Our model with AIQ fits this principle of accessibility and we have gone beyond the standard ERC-20 model and augmented it with the specific functionality introduced with this project (described in details in the following section). This is with the aim to achieve our key goals described above.

Firstly, we have added programatic methods for the system's smart contracts to react on events initiated and/or operated with the tokens. These methods are called hooks - as they are triggered once another action is performed. These hooks will be used to trigger the inner workings of the whole smart contract ecosystem - token/ETH pool redistribution, user updates, taxation services, etc.

Much like every working economical system, AIQ's system needs a number of 'levers' in order to control and stabilise the token price and exchange rates. Currently, a few of these levers have been implemented and include the following:

  • Creation of new tokens – the ability to produce new tokens, a process which is controlled in the future by smart contracts based on given rules and conditions.
  • Burning tokens – the ability to take tokens out of the pools – a process controlled in the future by smart contracts based on given rules and conditions.
  • Taxation ability – the ability for the system to take steps toward taxation of the token holders based on given criteria (such as inactivity, token utilisation, etc.)

The first two levers described above will be controlled initially by the team, and will later be controlled by the smart contract level (timing is subject to the completion date of the ICO). The third lever (i.e. taxation) will not be used initially until the proper smart contracts to trigger the process are fully implemented. We will provide regular update via our official blog, Live Timeline and our social media channels.

Whitepaper – Short Version

Current Blockchain Framework Supporting Mindzilla's A.I. Operation

While the AIQ token is built on Ethereum ERC-20 framework, it is not a standard ERC-20 token. Rather,  AIQ is the gateway toward an open, decentralised and self-governing economic ecosystem of smart contracts.

For the AIQ project, as well as Mindzilla's wider network, we currently applied Ethereum standard ERC-20 architecture, which offers the following classic features and additional elements specifically designed for the need of our project:

Token Generation Model

Hookable Token

The Hookable Token is a token that is pure ERC-20 which was added programmatically to "doors" (called hooks) for connecting other contracts and consume data.

Curve Calculator

The idea behind this contract is that this it is a contract implementing Bancor Curve. This curve is used in the financial markets as a way to decide on the stability and the reserves of the system. In basic terms, this contract ensures stability of the generated token.


The Institution is the "brain" behind the stabilisation. It takes the input from the Curve Calculator and decides what to do with the reserves and how much to add/remove. It also controls the tax level (i.e. how much a user is taxed when a taxation process is triggered).

Token Pool and ETH Pool Reserves

Token Pool and ETH Pool is what we call "the reserves". These reserves are providing the liquidity of the system. These pools are being filled up or drawn from in order to leverage the system to stabilise. The stabilisation functions are triggered by the result of the Curve Calculator and are executed by the Institution.

User Contract Generation Model

Consumer Contract

The Consumer contract is the heart of the system; it consumes the data for every transaction and passes this data to the contract to which it is relevant. We describe it as a hub that directs the logic in different sub-systems. The Consumer contract indicates that some movement of the users’ tokens have been completed (i.e. transfer, mint, etc.) and additional logic follows.

KYC Limiting Contract

The purpose of this contract is to allow for us to program into the system Limiting factors, which is a general "rules of transfer" contract. The Oracle contract is linked to this Limiting contract as the Limiting factor has the ability to stop and revert the transaction. Therefore, the Hookable token is linked with the Oracle contract indirectly through Consumer and Limiting Contract.


Oracle is linked to the Limiting Contract as the Limiting factor has the ability to stop and revert transactions. The Hookable Token Smart Contract is linked with Oracle indirectly through the Consumer and the Limiting contracts.

User Contract Management Model

User Manager Contract

The User Manager Contract is the master contract when it comes to user management subsystem. On one side, it is the contract that stores the data about every transaction in the contracts that deals with the process of evaluating who and when should a user be taxed. On the other side, it is also the contract that provides the access to generating new Single User Contracts.

Single User Contract

The Single User Contract holds important data for the user, such as KYC status, AML status, total transacted amount for given period of time, etc.

Arranging Contract and Linked List

Arranging Contract and Linked List stores the data about latest transactions to enable the system to instantly figure out who has to be taxed.

The Complete Model

The combination of the above-mentioned elements with Nebuli AI Scoring Tool, the mechanism executed by Nebuli AI to discover knowledge and valuable information, Mindzilla's Knowledge network that contains the full collection of its knowledge databases, the valuable data metrics accessed by Nebuli AI during the scoring process – making our ecosystem altogether unique and sustainable. However, our key ambition is to evolve this framework into our proprietary blockchain framwork based on our concept of "Proof of Ideas" which is described in detail in the section below.

Whitepaper – Short Version

Our Planned "Proof of Ideas" Blockchain Framework

Our key future plan is to launch our own concept of "Proof Of Ideas" (PoI) framework, which is a next generation model to build new ecosystems based on knowledge, ‘true’ information and ‘green’ principles. The current method applied on most cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, relies heavily on computational power — aka “Proof of Work” (PoW).

Under the current PoW model, miners require a large number of computers in order to take part in the computational race and earn Bitcoin (and/or other cryptocurrencies). Consequently, there has been a sharp rise in the number of mining farms in order to manage the ever-growing computing demands of this network. According to the Digiconomist Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index, the global industry’s power use (as of December 2017) is topping the individual consumption of 159 countries (almost equal to three million U.S. homes).

Thus, with the increase of Bitcoin creation, the need for electricity also increases — used for powering the escalating difficulty rate of token-generating calculations. Compared to alternative models, such as the “Proof of Stake” (PoS) models, it is not sustainable or scalable for the long-term. In fact, this energy-heavy model provides no value to society.

Our PoI Framework Objective

Thus, our key objective, as our current network grows, is to launch a new blockchain framework model that is more sustainable, yet complimentary to the PoW concept, which we call “Proof of Ideas” (PoI).

Our model is designed to provide a more intrinsic value to the cryptocurrency market and, indeed, to scope it as a whole. Our goal with PoI, which is also powered by Nebuli, is to develop an ecosystem by establishing a worldwide bank of ideas generated by millions of people anywhere in the world — a user-first infrastructure that is fair and open, with AIQ as its digital currency.

Our vision with AIQ is to make it into a highly valuable, sustainable, and rewarding digital currency for innovators anywhere.

In essence, our mission with AIQ is to democratise ideas, freeing them from the restrictive policies of some established institutions who are dominant in securing most of the public and private funds.

This will also give inventors in poorer societies around the world who have no means of accessing any funding, the opportunity to receive support and collaboration from the AIQ community. As a result of such contributions to our PoI network, AIQ’s value increases accordingly without any human intervention or speculative overpricing of the currency. Mindzilla’s core AI system will not allow it.

Furthermore, our network will not require for people to pre-own any digital currencies in order to generate more digital money, as is the case with the PoS model. Instead, people will have the ability to earn by contributing and being part of a large, democratised network of ideas and innovations that could have more positive impact to communities and societies globally.

Whitepaper – Short Version

The AIQ Token

As highlighted above, Mindzilla’s cognitive AI is at the centre of our new PoI digital ecosystem, generating AIQ as its core digital currency. The PoI is built as a decentralised, self-validating and self-valuing network, consisting of millions of petabytes of Nebulised data. Mindzilla assesses the content of a file uploaded into the system, then it evaluates and scores the content of the file with an arithmetical figure. One unit of that arithmetical figure is 1 AIQ.

The beauty of earning AIQ is that it does not need any superb computing hardware or power. AIQ can work on any device with an internet connection. The generation of AIQ as a new digital currency is no longer a privilege of those who own, control or have access to complicated hardware, advanced programming skills or better access to credit. Furthermore, with the integration of our PoI model with AIQ, Mindzilla and the nebulized data layer can be openly accessed on any mobile device (including non-smartphones). As of October 2017, GSMA’s real-time tracker puts the number of mobile devices at 8.4 billion (further details available at: Therefore, the opportunity for gaining a wide network effect is significantly high.

Thus, we believe that millions of people and enterprises from all around the world can earn AIQ by simply contributing to and/or adding valuable knowledge and ideas. AIQ’s holistic and community-led approach allows users to discover other ideas similar to their own, connect with their peers and further enhance their existing work or even develop further ideas, therefore earning more AIQ. In a broader sense, publishing the ideas will provide a ground for facilitating economic growth, driving innovations, new opportunities and infrastructures. At the same time, such community-lead contributions of knowledge will further improve the PoI network’s communication that benefits the stakeholders through learning. Eventually, economic incentives at the core of this ecosystem will ensure that all participants – idea generators, users, and other stakeholders (including ICO participants), benefit from the ideas.

Whitepaper – Short Version

Sustainability of the AIQ Token System - Why it is “Bubble-Proof”

For centuries, the traditional way of preserving scientific knowledge was to keep the original manuscript and its copies in libraries. As the mass publishing had become widespread, academic journals gradually took over the role of intermediaries who carefully select, edit and publish research reports in a convenient magazine form.

Plentiful publishing houses nowadays function as “banks” of the Knowledge economy. Similar to their financial counterparts, the journals accept the researchers’ deposits and lend the Knowledge away through subscriptions to anyone wishing to use it.

However, if a bank were to find itself in the midst of a public scandal and all the bank’s wealthy clients decided to withdraw their deposits, the bank would collapse. Should the same happen to a publishing house, it is highly unlikely that all its users would withdraw their publications. In fact, modern academic publishers are better protected against potential downfall than most banks.

The blockchain system, which Mindzilla network stands upon, takes the protection of the Knowledge currency to the next level.

Firstly, there is a “check-in” system in place for depositing knowledge into Mindzilla – each contribution is evaluated upon submission and only the impactful content is awarded a significant amount of AIQ tokens.

Secondly, the decentralised nature of blockchain ensures the stability of the system. Once a piece of knowledge has been accepted and AIQ tokens have been awarded to relevant users, no one single user can remove the contribution from Mindzilla.

Furthermore, our network does not require people to pre-own any digital currencies in order to generate more digital money, which significantly reduces the influence of other currencies’ exchange rates on the value of AIQ token.

The AIQ tokens are designed as a “non-volatile” currency as it operates on a very different and unique model. At Mindzilla, people earn by contributing and being part of a large, democratised network of ideas and innovations that could have more positive impact to communities and societies globally.

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What Makes AIQ Different?

AIQ is designed as a “non-volatile” currency as it operates on a very different and unique model of “Proof of Ideas” and it is backed up with an unbiased and highly objective self-valuing system powered by advanced artificial intelligence.

To differentiate itself from many other cryptocurrencies, AIQ does not allow any groundless or speculative price fluctuations that would render it less accessible or affordable to the poorer communities and individuals.

AIQ’s value is controlled entirely by the cognitive scoring system of Mindzilla, that assesses ideas and innovations without any human intervention or speculative pricing. Mindzilla achieves this through its existing “experience” of accessing and reading millions of research papers. Thus, the more innovations funded by AIQ, the higher its value grows. It is a truly self-valuing currency.

Additionally, AIQ democratises creation and funding of idea and innovations, both new and existing ones, where every person, regardless of location, can now build and fund inventions without any dependency or locked deals with institutions, government funds or investors.

AIQ opens up the opportunities to all people and entities, regardless of their position and status, to explore their ideas, inventions and research/development partnerships. Today, a Harvard researcher, for example, has a much higher chance of securing funding (both private and government) compared to a researcher of a much less established or less well-known university. This scenario is even worse for innovators who are not part of any university or who live in deprived communities or in poorer economies around the world. But not with AIQ! Our system provides not just self-valuing currency, but also a value of compiling and democratising knowledge, with ease of contribution for existing research and ideas on any device without the need for powerful or modern computing devices. A non-smartphone will do the job.

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How to Earn AIQ Tokens

The process of earning a new AIQ token is very simple and does not require any prior experience with cryptocurrencies. It is open to individuals, companies and institutions contributing to Mindzilla’s knowledge base. In doing so, they earn AIQ tokens as follows:

  1. Upload an existing and/or new file containing valuable knowledge into the AIQ Network – This can include a research work, news article, review, academic work, commentary, opinion, business plan, summary, reports, or even a whole library of documents (e.g. research papers).

  2. Mindzilla’s cognitive AI then assesses the uploaded content – This involves reading the content and building a “Nebulized” version of the original content, which is then cross-referenced with millions of records within the Nebulized Data Layer. The system then scores it and generates x number of AIQ accordingly and awards the contributor. This process is designed to be highly objective and strictly unbiased, with ZERO human interference.

  3. The contributor is then given the option whether to share their contributed ideas to public or private networks — Every individual, team or organisation (i.e. the contributor) must be registered in our system under their real identity and contact details. The system does not allow anonymous contributions to ensure authenticity and credibility of all contributions. The system also provides the option to enterprises and individuals to publish their ideas openly to the public or keep them private in closed network channel(s) where Mindzilla can recommend potential opportunities (such as peer connections, partnerships…etc.).

Public contribution awards 100% of the total score — We believe that public contributions of such ideas provide a bigger impact to the network, therefore awarding the contributors with 100% of the score given by the system.

Private contribution awards 50% of the total score — While we encourage public contribution, we understand that certain content needs to be private. Thus, the system awards the contributor with 50% of the score, reserving the remaining 50% should the contributor decide to publish parts or all of this contribution publicly in the future.

In both scenarios, Mindzilla stores the uploaded file onto the system’s knowledge database in an uncopiable format. Once a file is upload for the public access it cannot be transferred to private channels.

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Future Plans and Options

At a later stage, we plan to set up an interface where the contributors will be able to sell their ideas to others for additional AIQ. In this scenario, the contributors will assign a price for their ideas or projects, with the option of bidding to sell to the highest bidder.

Initially, the entire process – including the AIQ generated by Mindzilla, will be administered by our team. Subsequently, it will be autonomously decentralised using blockchain contract or similar technology that can function with no assistance from our team, though the team will always monitor the system’s efficiency.

The number of AIQ to be generated by Mindzilla is unlimited. However, as the knowledge database grows, the newly generated AIQ at a later stage are expected to be lower – unless a contribution is scored exceptionally high by Mindzilla that breaks this barrier.

In all scenarios, Mindzilla will require strict compliance of the contributors, users and other stakeholders to the copyright and intellectual property laws, both locally and internationally.

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AIQ’s Technology Roadmap

The proceeds of the token lots will be used to fund the project to eventually deploy the Mindzilla ecosystem as a fully decentralised and autonomous network.

The project consists of the key stages described below. Because of the high complexity of this project, the scope of deliverables at every milestone depends on the amounts of funds raised.

Key Stages:

  • Q4


    Scicasts, Mindzilla's Precursor, Launched

    Showcasing the best of science by opening access to research papers, journal citations, R&D news and industry trends to everyone. This is the democratization of science and the beginning of our journey.

  • Q4


    Technical Design

    Interaction principle and information architecture

  • Q4


    API and user interface development for Mindzilla

    Beta launch of Mindzilla's Knowledge Portal

  • Q4


    E-wallet integration

    Integration of Nebuli AI with e-wallets powered by smart contracts technology

  • Q1


    A.I. Implementation

    Adaption of the programming language of Nebuli AI to the blockchain technology

  • Q1-Q3


    Knowledge Database Enhancement in English language

    Database integration of academic and scientific centres of US, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand. This is an ongoing research and development work.

  • Q2-Q4


    Development of AI knowledge network in other European languages

    This is an ongoing research and development work.

  • Q2-Q4


    Knowledge Database set-up in other European languages

    This is an ongoing research and development work.

  • Q1-Q4


    Development of AI knowledge network in non-European alphabetic languages

    This is an ongoing research and development work.

  • Q1-Q4


    Knowledge Database set-up in non-European alphabetic languages

    This is an ongoing research and development work.

  • Q1-Q4


    Development of AI knowledge network in non-alphabetic languages

    This is an ongoing research and development work.

  • Q1-Q4


    Knowledge Database set-up in non-alphabetic languages

    This is an ongoing research and development work.

  • Q1-Q4


    Intellectual Property Platform

    Building the platform for sell-buy Intellectual Property that will be powered by the smart contract technology and integrated with Knowledge Database and e-wallets.

  • Q1-Q4


    Trading Platform

    Building a subsidiary platform integrated with e-wallets and smart contract technology where the users will be able to trade the commodities required for their projects and individual use.

Whitepaper – Short Version

Initial AIQ Allocation and Benefits Offered to ICO Participants

In order to finance the project, we plan to launch ICO with 5 lots and presale. In total 117,500,000 tokens of AIQ will be released. 10 million tokens will be used as the project award for the developers (2.5M) and for the Scicasts’ team (7.5M) upon successful completion of the project stages. Another 7.5M will be used as a bonus for the ICO participants (50% for the partners and 50% for the ICO participants). Price for 1 AIQ is equivalent to USD 1.97. 5M tokens will be sold during presale with 1M tokens available as a bonus (purchase 5 AIQ get 1 free).


Token sold base

Bonus tokens

Target ($USD)




$     9,873,500

Public ICO Lot 1



$   19,944,470

Public ICO Lot 2



$   30,015,440

Public ICO Lot 3



$   40,086,410

Public ICO Lot 4



$   46,010,510

Public ICO Lot 5



$   51,539,670




$ 197,470,000

The following transactions is going to be exclusively conducted in AIQ tokens:

  • buy and sell the brain works on our platform by transferring intellectual property (IP);
  • award for sharing knowledge and incentivising for contribution into the knowledge database;
  • purchase of user licenses of Nebuli AIaaS;
  • purchase of services like ClientLab on our platform;
  • purchase of statistical reports, information from Scicasts;
  • purchase of plug-ins and online storage on our own and on our partners’ (universities, libraries, etc.) networks.

Inside our subsidiary platform the members of the Mindzilla community can also use our tokens for

  • any legal commodity exchanges among one another on our sub-system;
  • payments for education and courses (provided that we’ll partner with the network of the educational centres across the world);
  • creating a token pool of promoting the ideas to implement the plans into life.

Apart from the common use of our token describer above the ICO participants will be granted a premium lifetime access to all the Nebuli AI features after implementation of the Mindzilla project. The people who would like to have it during post-ICO will be charged an X amount of periodically renewable fee, established by its commercial value.

By contributing in our ICO the participants will help to build an open ecosystem

  • where the ideas will be free from established institutions who are dominant in securing most of the public and private funds;
  • that gives an opportunity for inventors in the poorer societies around the world who have no means of accessing any funding to receive support, collaboration and funds to implement their ideas into life;
  • where the tokens will have fair, sustainable intrinsic value determined by AI without any human intervention;
  • that based on ‘green” principles unlike many others that requires an energy consumption that burns out our scarce resources.
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Token Distribution and Awards

Our company is dedicated to KYC (Know Your Customer) principle and for that reason the ICO participants, as well as the users contributing their ideas to our network, will not act anonymously and they will be required to provide the proof of identity during the registration process. Our aim is to ensure high-level of quality and validity of the information shared on our network.

Whitepaper – Short Version


AIQ is a money by Artificial Intelligence for and of People. It is a real worldwide digital currency every unit of which is backed up by knowledge. The essence of the AIQ will ensure that all individual users and the whole mankind will ultimately benefit from generating ideas that can make our future better. It will help people to demonstrate their ideas and freeing them from the shackles of established institutions who are dominant in this area.

AIQ is not designed for charity, it is more about empowering people to use their brain and share their ideas for bringing them to life in a real economy.

Whitepaper – Short Version

© Nebuli Ltd. All rights reserved.