AIQ – Tokens Powered By A.I. And Based On Knowledge

June 25th 2018
ICO Start
TBC post Presale
Cap Target
For the full scope of the project: $197,470,000 (USD)
Whitepaper Overview

Key Elements


An A.I. powered open knowledge network.


The new currency of knowledge that creates much stronger linkage with the real world than any other cryptocurrency.


An autonomous A.I. system for solving the world’s most challenging big data problems.
Whitepaper Overview

Who are we?

We’re a group of scientists, mathematicians and business entrepreneurs who developed Nebuli – a self-learning artificial intelligence that delivers a new solution to huge data mining and to data security.

What is our long-term vision?

To create a new knowledge economy where valuable ideas, knowledge and innovations will be a core element of the whole ecosystem.

Who will define that a knowledge is valuable?

Nebuli A.I. does without any human intervention.

How will Nebuli A.I. define that a knowledge is valuable?

Nebuli A.I. will access the knowledge database that will be available on the Mindzilla network. Nebuli A.I. is capable to read terabytes of information in seconds and conceptualizes it in a way that mirrors the workings of the human brain. This revolutionizes the search for information, as Nebuli A.I. only finds and brings what is most relevant to you, even in the areas you might not think to look.

What is the process of mining AIQ?

Simple steps:

  1. Register on our network
  2. Upload your file containing valuable knowledge.
  3. If Nebuli A.I. detects a valuable knowledge in your file you’ll be awarded with AIQ accordingly.

What is the purpose of the ICO fund?

The ICO fund will be used to finance the development cost, linguistical adaptation of Nebuli to other languages and the establishment of the knowledge databases.

Why should I buy tokens during the ICO instead of earning them by contributing knowledge?

The amount of AIQ awarded for each contribution highly depends on novelty and relevance of your piece of knowledge. It may take a while to accumulate large number of tokens through contributing, especially at the early stages of the project. Acquiring AIQ tokens at their starting value during the ICO allows the token holders to immediately take full advantage of the Mindzilla services once launched. Only ICO participants are also awarded with free lifetime access to all Nebuli A.I. premium features.
Whitepaper Overview

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