Our Company

London, EST 2012

Our Story

Mindzilla was founded by two experienced technology entrepreneurs and biomedical scientists Tim El-Sheikh and Teacha Hamilton.
They built a model of a human-like cognitive “brain nebula” system, called Nebuli®, which is applying the brain’s unique model of encoding, storing and retrieving data.
This system builds data mosaics (or memory blocks) from any data sources: documents, databases, podcasts, videos and more.
Key market opportunities were identified very quickly and the two founders secured a series of seed investments totalling $1.36 million Investment.
The two founders have put together a team of highly experienced business and finance professionals, world-leading mathematicians (including Prof. Aleksandr Gorban) and renowned blockchain developers.

Our Team


Tim El-Sheikh

Founder & CEO

Teacha Hamilton

Co-Founder & COO

Simon Jack

Chief Design Officer

Tammy Law

Director of APAC

Helen Yiu

Director of Academia

Rachael Jaggs

Management Accountant

Johnny Gray

Chief Commercial Officer

Dr Ayo Akinduko

Data Scientist - University of Leicester

Prof. Jeremy Levesley

Professor of Applied Mathematics – University of Leicester

Dr Evgeny Mirkes

Research fellow – University of Leicester

Prof. Alexander Gorban

Chair in Appied Mathematics, Director of the Centre for Mathematical Modelling – University of Leicester

Helen Lumb

NED – Finance & Business Strategy

Harvey Shulman

NED – Investment, Legal & Business Strategy

Project Advisory Board

Nick Todorov

Founder & CEO @ LimeChain - Blockchain Development & Consulting

Marc Smith

Director, Next Consult - Gold Salesforce Consulting Partner

George Spasov

Blockchain Architect and Chief Of Delivery at LimeChain

Chris Veselinov

Blockchain architect and CTO at LimeChain

Velislav Ivanov

Blockchain Project and Adoption Manager

Key Milestones

  • March


    Scicasts, Mindzilla's Precursor, Launched

    Showcasing the best of science by opening access to research papers, journal citations, R&D news and industry trends to everyone. This is the democratization of science and the beginning of our journey.

  • July


    Nebuli R&D

    Work begins on scoping and building the A.I. system Nebuli.

  • April


    $250k Seed Investment

    The company's first seed investment fund.

  • May


    ClientLab Launched

    A breakthrough commercial publishing platform for organisations on the Scicasts platform.

  • September


    $1.1m Private Investment

    A large proportion of this investment went towards the development of our core A.I. technology, Nebuli. This is a vital technology in our mission to democratize knowledge access and sharing.

  • March


    Nebuli Enterprise R&D

    Nebuli is a cognitive engine that conceptualises and organises content, without any language or format barriers. The system fully reads then extracts the most relevant content in order that people can discover the key developments that matter to them the most.

  • May


    Mindzilla Announced

    Read our first announcement of Mindzilla on Medium here.

  • May


    Invitations To Academia

    To incentivise the population and expansion of closed networks and new insights, we are awarding $1m worth of tokens to founding contributors within academic institutions. Apply to be a founding contributor here.

  • August


    Token Presale

    We are opening up the opportunity to be part of Mindzilla’s growth and success. An initial quantity of tokens will be released so a limited number of people can buy into our mission from the outset. Details will be announced in due course.

  • Q1


    Public Release Of Blockchain Platform

    Our combined Blockchain/A.I. technology platform will be released. Mindzilla will be operational as both a platform for knowledge discovery and to earn tokens from contributions. Further announcements will be made in due course.

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