What is AIQ?

The core purpose of the Mindzilla token system is to generate new value within the knowledge economy. AIQ is a currency based upon the proof of value within ideas, information and insights, not simply by demonstrating expended energy or effort.

Why AIQ?

The beauty of this token is its ease of earning. Simply upload a document or a document library and the AI system evaluates the content in relation to the the existing database.

This also means there is all the potential for token circulation to spread globally, even reaching communities that lack the resources and networks to participate in traditional knowledge generation.

Mindzilla utilises a unique combination of AI and Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology enables creation of a token that’s stored in a decentralised database and managed by a smart contract. It interacts with the AI system, which determines the the value of tokens to be issued, based on the amount of contributed content and this AI-enabled determination of value.

Our Vision

Our ultimate goal is the democratization of knowledge. Advancement of knowledge, understanding and generating innovative breakthroughs comes through the collective intelligence of the many, not by gatekeepers restricting vital information to the few.

To achieve this, we have built a funding model that prioritises truth and relevancy over the source of information. This is the spark to facilitate an open network where everyone can take part and get rewarded accordingly.

This is a game-changer in the way knowledge and research are distributed. Finally, anyone in the world with bright ideas can have their voice recognised.

The Network Structure

Members can contribute to Mindzilla via The Newsroom and The Library and access everything via The Vault.

The Newsroom

Open to individuals, groups and institutions, providing them the freedom to create their own Newsrooms and publish their content discussing their research, showcasing their developments, or provide insightful bylines to the community, and more.

The Library

Tap into the existing array of research papers and research data, as well as knowledge contributions from our partnering institutions and open platforms. You can also create your own Libraries (private and public) and use your archives to discover and visualise new opportunities with help from The Vault.

The Vault

This is Mindzilla’s knowledge bank — built on the secured Nebulized Data Layer combined with a decentralised blockchain network. The Vault contains all of the contributed knowledge from Newsrooms and Libraries, as well as other contributions such as comments, suggestions and recommendations (e.g. from scientists, journalists, experts…etc). 

Behind The Vault’s knowledge discovery functionality is the Nebuli A.I. This makes sense of everything and presents you only with the most relevant and accurate information.

This is also where we hold, process and issue Mindzilla’s tokens for contributions throughout the network. 

Knowledge Discovery

The AI categorises and organises all information to provide the most accurate and relevant result. Users have access to groundbreaking developments published on academic portals and open journals every day, that are at times not being featured in the mainstream media.

Mindzilla’s Target Audience

Academic Institutions

Libraries (e.g. The British Library)

Government Agencies (e.g. UK Government’s POST)

Startups & Enterprises

Charities (e.g. Cancer Research UK)

Individual academics and students

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