About AIQ

Nebuli AIQ Cognitive Network.

Augmented Intelligence Quotient (AIQ — pronounced “I.Q.”) is a free and open decentralised integration network and marketplace for the key emerging technologies that power Augmented Intelligence, including, but not limited to, Distributed ledgers (including Blockchain), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Extended Reality (XR) and Quantum Computing – aka DARQ technologies.

The aim of the AIQ project, which is built on smart contracts, is to power the innovation and opportunity uniquely associated with the acceleration of digital transformation and the ever closer post-digital era. The technology collective, such as DARQ, brought together via AIQ’s decentralised network, provides the opportunity to build-up the smart co-worker model’s specialised set of skills required to do any given specialist job, compared to other generalist and off-the-shelf AI offerings.

AIQ’s History

The AIQ platform was initially conceived by the team behind Nebuli, founded by two technology entrepreneurs and biomedical scientists, Tim El-Sheikh and Teacha Hamilton. Their core model of Nebuli’s augmented intelligence platform stemmed from their idea of creating a human-like cognitive “brain nebula” that is capable of reading, collecting, connecting, and creating data mosaics (“memory blocks”) from any data sources (such as documents, databases, podcasts and videos).

They programmed Nebuli to securely comb through and thoroughly read millions of articles, data sets and files within minutes – a process that may take people several weeks or months to complete.

Their original aim was to use this cognitive system to provide medical scientists with an intelligent, on-demand single point of access to relevant medical research papers from hundreds of different sources within seconds.

However, key market opportunities were identified very quickly and the two founders invested alongside their partners the total sum of $1.30 million USD and setup Nebuli as a private company, launched in January 2019.

AIQ’s Expansion with Nebuli

With this, it was possible to build a tokenisation model into AIQ’s network, as the two founders have put together a team of highly experienced business and finance professionals, world-leading mathematicians (including Prof. Aleksandr Gorban) and renowned blockchain developers.

Today, Nebuli and AIQ are a culmination of many years of experience of its founders and their team, together with an extensive network of key leaders in the AI, media, and design/UX since 2001, as well as blockchain and XR since 2011.

Why Now?

From our current market research data and our work with clients and partners conducted through Nebuli, it is evident that organisations of all sizes need to master the rising set of the new “DARQ” technologies discussed above, as well as their subsequent byproducts. We are now confident that this technology collective has achieved the key necessary technical milestones and mainstream access that will open up major opportunities for innovators and startups to scale across several verticals.

According to a new research from Accenture, 2019 is the year when every company will need to start considering the application of one or more of DARQ technologies within their processes in order to stay and/or further accelerate their research and development projects, amplify their competitiveness within their target markets and discover new opportunities.

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