Building Open, Responsible and Safe Human-centric Large Language Models.

Augmented Intelligence Quotient (AIQ -pronounced “IQ”) offers fully referenced and trustworthy large language models (LLMs) to help you deploy responsible AI systems faster.

AIQ is a suite of LLMs created by the team at Nebuli in 2018 as the foundation of its Human-centric Augmented Intelligence technology models before its launch in 2019.

Why AIQ and Why Now? is our response to the increasing public use of AI-powered services and chatbots, which pose dangerous wider economic, social, environmental, cultural, and political outcomes through misinformation or bogus human-like interactions.

Challenging Bias, Misinformation and Harmful Content.

AIQ's model offers a dynamic approach to supporting the growing concerns over data privacy, security and the potential negative impact of AI bias on marginalised communities. You can read the full details about AIQ on Nebuli's official page here .

Join us and Become Part of the Modern and Ethical LLMs for a Smarter and More Responsible AI Future.

The project is currently supported by a community of vetted developers, academics, ethicists and hosting providers to ensure the integrity of the data models at the early stages of AIQ's development.

We invite you to take part and help us build independent, safer, more ethical, and fully cited large language models to empower responsible AI deployments with no financial limitations. Contact our team here if you wish to support the project, or join the waiting list below.

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